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May 21 2017

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“…we’re all just particles. We’re floating out there. We’re moving through space. Nobody knows where we are. And then, every once in a while,
bang! We collide. And suddenly, for maybe a minute, we’re real. And then we float off again. As if we don’t even exist”

more on my instagram @matialonsor

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Victoria Beach, 2017

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Storm is Coming by Guerel Sahin

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Cats Are The World’s Most Dramatic Animals

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Absence and lack of communication makes the heart idealize a person. This subconsciously twists your perception of them into thinking that they are something greater than they really are. They ain’t shit. They don’t care. And neither should you.


Sleep? Who the fuck is that? She bad?? She got friends??

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honestly? Looks

On one hand bourgeoisie but on the otherhand lesbians flaunting their love in flamboyant, even ostentatious manner

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shout out to anyone who has seen me get stupidly emotional and insanely insecure but has stuck around anyway

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mutual: *tags me in something* 


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Symbolic by Abi Ashra (Tumblr)

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